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Castle Ashby - England

Castle Ashby

Castle Ashby dates from the 11th Century. Work on the present building was begun in 1574 and continued till 1600, when Queen Elizabeth I stayed in the house. James I was another frequent royal visitor. The present owner is the 7th Marquess of Northampton and Castle Ashby today provides all the requirements of the modern visitor in surroundings which fully retain all the charm of an English Country House.

Cavendish Scott has hosted frequent ISO 9000 open days at Castle Ashby

About Us

Cavendish Scott

England was the country that nurtured the development of BS 5750 and BS 7750, early and important precursors to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. It was there that businesses grew comfortable with the concept of formalized management systems. And it was in England that Cavendish Scott, Inc. was formed in 1985 to help businesses implement and benefit from these systems.

Firmly rooted in England, Cavendish Scott expanded to the United States in early 1994 setting up home in Massachusetts, New England. Here, the objective remained the same: to help American businesses implement formalized management systems and realize their benefits. Today, with offices that span the United States, Cavendish Scott is uniquely positioned to provide expert quality and environmental systems consulting services both locally and affordably.

In addition to our impressive longevity in the quality and environmental systems consulting business, we at Cavendish Scott also take a unique approach to the business itself: we use teams of full time, well-trained consultants; we guarantee our services; and we work for a fixed fee. To our clients, this means faster certification, reduced project costs, and systems that meet their business needs and not just those of the standard. Clients can expect all of the benefits inherent in a well-crafted quality or environmental system, but with the least possible amount of internal time and effort.

Our Consultants

Our strength is our people, and our reputation comes from the standards they have set in quality and environmental systems consulting. At Cavendish Scott, we employ a full time staff rather than rely upon subcontractors. We also hire capable consultants with a high level of expertise in the appropriate standards plus hands-on experience in implementing standards within different industry sectors. All consultants receive registered auditor training.

Consultants undergo rigorous internal training and all undergo formal registered auditor training. Because standards are constantly evolving, consultant training never ends: our continuous training approach helps consultants deal with the ever emerging variants of the standards and the implementation of these standards into different business sectors.

Cavendish Scott makes use of the latest hardware, software and communication technology available. All consultants are provided with technology training to maintain efficiency and ensure that clients can always stay in contact.

Recent Milestones

The closing of 2006 brought about the completion of over 700 successfully registered clients worldwide. Each one equally important as the next.

From Bicon Dental Implants, a high profile dental implant manufacturer, located in Boston, to Gillette and Monsanto. From single site locations to multiple cross county sites.