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  ISO 9000 Internal Audit - Auditing

More companies outsourcing their Internal Audits

More and more companies are outsourcing the maintenance of their ISO 9000 systems to Cavendish Scott," according to Roger Leach, principle of Cavendish Scott.Cindy Walton, Operations Assistant of Sonics and Material comments, "Sonics and Material is a very successful and busy company, we all have a number of jobs to carry out and recognize that there are more efficient ways to carry out internal audits." Cavendish Scott have been appointed to maintain their internal auditing system, carrying out two audits a year. Cindy adds "Cavendish Scott are very efficient in their approach, and have an objective viewpoint. However hard we try to stay impartial, we get caught up in detail."

Another Cavendish Scott client, Little Enterprises, sites the booming economy as the reason for engaging Cavendish Scott. After doubling in size and constructing bigger premises, their quality system was not getting the attention it deserved. Cavendish Scott maintains their internal auditing, chairs management review and updates documentation.

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Changes to ISO 9001 Now scheduled for the end of 2015. That's the word from the Technical Committee.