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" First Choice Armor Certifies NC Plant"

First Choice Armor Certified to ISO 9001 2000

First Choice Armor, a manufacturer of body armor for the Police and Services, was a company of 20 employees when Cavendish Scott first helped to implement ISO 9001:1994 back in 1999. Today they employ over 180 people in their new facility in Spindale North Carolina which has just been re-certified to ISO 9001:2008. Cavendish Scott consultants worked diligently to understand our operations and apply the standard's requirements to our own industry environment. As a result, we are confident that our Quality Management System not only meets the requirements of the standard but adds value to our everyday business and assures our customers consistent quality and on time delivery.

John Blackburg
First Choice Armor

" R F Logic Achieves ISO 9001"

R F Logic Cables Registered to ISO 9001 2000

Supplying high specification cable assemblies to aerospace, telecommunications and medical device industries, R F Logic knew that implementing ISO 9001 was a pre requisite to staying in business."Our first attempt at ISO 9000 did not go to plan. What initially appeared to be a company offering a complete turnkey solution turned out being remote assistance built around badly structured manuals that had no bearing on what we did." Roger Leach, President of Cavendish Scott comments, "I've heard this story many times, companies offering pre-written manuals, delivered on CD - it doesn't work. There have been numerous incidents where Cavendish Scott have had to correct situations like this." He adds, "the usual thing to do is throw everything out and start again." Following a successful project, R F Logic were registered in just 6 months with a system that was easy to use and maintain and fitted their business needs. As of 2018 RF Logic are now registered to AS9100 Rev D.

Phillip Lausier
R F Logic

" Ahura Registered in 9 Months"

Ahura Registered to ISO 9001 2000

Ahura Corporation, a market leader in rugged handheld chemical identification systems is proud to announce that it is one of the first homeland security instrument manufacturers to achieve ISO 9001:2000 quality standard of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Cavendish Scott were appointed as consultants to come in and assist with the design and procedure writing process of ISO 9000. Asked as to why Cavendish Scott were chosen, Ahura says, “we interviewed a number of consultants, with the exception of Cavendish Scott, they all had lofty rationales of what they wanted to achieve rather than what Ahura Corporation wanted to achieve.

Douglas Kahn
Ahura Corporation

Success snippets

We started ISO 9000 on our own but found we were over designing the system. Cavendish Scott helped us focus on the fundementals of both the standard and our business.

GTS, Concord, NH

Our first mistake was not to use Cavendish Scott initially. Our first consultants did not understand our needs, they left us with pages and pages of worthless documents - we ended up throwing it out. Cavendish Scott were able to come in, design us a simple and effective solution and get us registered in just 3 months.

SalvageData, Stamford, CT

As a busy and profitable company, we wanted to ensure that we were keeping our quality system in shape and continuing to benefit from our systems. That's why we use Cavendish Scott to carry out our internal auditing. They remain objective, efficient and effective.

DTi, Southborough, MA